Wednesday, February 22, 2012

So I'm Wondering...

Am I supposed to take near-death experiences seriously? If so, what do I do with the fact that they seem at odds with my current understanding of what happens after death? Can these accounts be reconciled with the Biblical worldview, or is the Bible-believer forced to dismiss them as fake or demonically-inspired?

Is it unethical not to report the tithe money in my savings account on my FAFSA form?

Why did I feel so sick when I tried to run today?

If I ever have children, would I be able to handle having a son or daughter with a severe disease or genetic disorder? What if I discovered my child in utero had a condition like harlequin ichthyosis? What if the doctors all recommended terminating the pregnancy? What would I do? 

How much longer will my 1998 Toyota Sienna minivan continue to run?

If I ever become a pastor, does that mean I will have to plan outreach events in the community? Will I have to organize service projects? If I have to organize service projects, will I have to come up with catchy names for the service projects? Will I have to make t-shirts with the catchy names for the participants to wear? I don't know how to design t-shirts. I don't want to design t-shirts.

Does God prefer the practice of arranged marriages, or is He more of a fan of the "falling in love" first thing? 

Will I ever experience perfektenschlag?   

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